Meet Dr. Kothmann

Dr. Kothmann, Veterinarian

Even as a small child, Dr. Kothmann had a calling to animals. By the time he was in first grade, he had already acquired a reputation in his neighborhood as the kid who cares for pets. His gift was so apparent that his fifth grade teacher wrote him a letter at the end of the school year encouraging him to attend veterinary school at Texas A&M. So, it was only natural that he became a veterinarian. Over the last 2 decades, Dr. Kothmann has helped thousands of pets enjoy long, healthy lives.

Pictured: Dr. Kothmann & Theressa Kothmann (related by marriage), who keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes.

Learning That Never Stops

There are no shortcuts to the knowledge it takes to save a puppy from parvo or treat a tomcat for dogfight wounds. So, despite Dr. Kothmann's extensive experience, he still regularly exceeds the annual Texas state requirements for continued training to stay abreast of the latest breakthroughs in veterinary care. Dr. Korthmann has advanced training in preventative medicine, neoplasia (abnormal growths and tumors), urinary problems, skin problems, and more.

We have 3 cats and 2 dogs, and take them all here. The service is great and the doctor is so nice and helpful. Making appointments is always easy.— Raymond J.
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