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Woof, woof and hello, readers! I’m CJ, and I’m back to discuss more health and wellness topics relating to your pets. Today, I’ll be discussing the color of a dog’s gums, and how this can indicate their health. With me, as always, is my colleague, Rex! CJ: Hello, Rex! Rex: A bark and hello to… Read more »

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Hello and welcome to another riveting discussion of pet health and behavior from the most qualified experts: pets! CJ, here, again to bring you some info to keep you in the know about your furry friends. As always, I’m joined by my pal, Rex, to guide our readers through the complexity of the canine/feline experience…. Read more »

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Hello to our fellow furry friends, and to the humans that love us! CJ and Rex here; again, we’re ready to share some informative content to help you better understand your pets. We realize that we often tend to write about what we know, which is primarily dog health and behavior. We’d write about the… Read more »

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Hello readers – woof! CJ here, back again to talk about the hot topics related to caring for your doggo. As always, I’m joined by my trusty sidekick, Rex, and we’re here to discuss something that every dog can relate to, a fear of thunderstorms. We know you can’t see us, but we’re very nervous… Read more »