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*CJ scratches at his neck* Whiskers: Itchy, are we? CJ: It’s all this rain. The mosquitos have been relentless. Whiskers: *looks down at CJ from the counter* Could be worms. Rex: Ew, don’t give them to me, CJ! CJ: Don’t be silly, Rex. I can’t pass them to you or anyone else for that matter…. Read more »

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Our exam rooms are open again! Rex and I are proud of our team for figuring out a safe way to allow our furry friend and their humans to come back inside. We know many other clinics in the area have not gotten to that point yet and are still limited to curb side treatments…. Read more »

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Woof, woof and hello, readers! I’m CJ, and I’m back to discuss more health and wellness topics relating to your pets. Today, I’ll be discussing the color of a dog’s gums, and how this can indicate their health. With me, as always, is my colleague, Rex! CJ: Hello, Rex! Rex: A bark and hello to… Read more »

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Hello and welcome to another riveting discussion of pet health and behavior from the most qualified experts: pets! CJ, here, again to bring you some info to keep you in the know about your furry friends. As always, I’m joined by my pal, Rex, to guide our readers through the complexity of the canine/feline experience…. Read more »