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Hi, my name’s CJ! I’m the resident cat over here at Bulverde Animal Hospital. My friend Rex and I love to spend time hanging out in the yard, especially now that spring has arrived! Don’t we Rex? “Yup, except for those darn fleas, woof woof!” Oh, tell me about it! The other day I was hanging out in the yard and a pesky little flea bit me. First it really hurt, and then it was super itchy. I scratched it so much I ended up losing some hair! It turns out my mom forgot to give me my medicine AGAIN! She learned her lesson when I brought the fleas into the house! So she gave me the medicine, and since then I haven’t been as itchy!

Rex, your mom doesn’t give you medicine does she? “Nope” says Rex as he’s biting and scratching the flea bites on his legs. “Sometimes she puts me in that awful bathtub with this bad smelling foamy stuff. It only helps for a few days though, woof woof!” Well, I think you should have your mom bring you to see Dr. Kothmann. He’s the best and will give you medicine to help you start feeling better real soon!