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Hi All! CJ and Rex here! We’re so excited that it’s summer time! Hey Rex, do you have any big plans for the rest of the summer? “Yup, playing, eating and sleeping – woof woof!” Rex, that’s all you ever do! “Yup, it’s my favorite thing, so why would I change it?” Alright, I suppose you have a point…sigh! So Rex, my mom is so excited – since Bulverde Animal Hospital has extended hours she can really bring me in whenever is convenient for her. Summer is a busy time – work, the kids’ sports games and practice, vacations, play dates – my mom can’t keep up! BUT the one thing she doesn’t have to worry about is finding a time to bring me to the vet, which is a big relief for her. They extended their hours to 9:00 pm Monday – Friday! That means my mom has time to get home from work, have a quick dinner, drop the kids off at practice, and bring me for my check-up at 8:00 pm. It’s great – my mom is happy, which means she plays with me more – we both win! Rex, what are you doing? “Woof, woof – sniffing the grass, I smell food!” Oh Rex, please just TRY to remember to spread the word about the new hours. It will make all of our lives MUCH easier!