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Well, it’s that time of year again – loud, scary noises, lots of people and lots of food! Hey all, it’s CJ, and I’m preparing for my least favorite holiday of the year, July 4th. Luckily, since I’m a cat, I have the luxury of hiding under the bed, and not leaving the house all day! On the other hand, my friend Rex the dog, isn’t as lucky.

Rex what are your plans for the Fourth of July? “Well, last year my parents had a big party for the Fourth of July. – woof woof! I snooped around the back yard and ate yummy scraps people had dropped off their plates – which was great until I woke up with an awful stomach ache the next day! Late at night, after it got dark these colorful, loud lights kept exploding in the sky. I’ve never heard such an awful, loud noise in my whole life and I never want to again. I was so scared I tried to run away. Luckily, the yard is fenced in, so I couldn’t get out. I ended up going inside and hiding in the corner. And that’s where I’m planning on staying this year – inside, away from the people, yummy (but bad) food and scary noises.”

Smart plan, Rex! Getting sick is no fun, and you don’t want to run away. You would be lost, scared and could get hurt. Spread the word – tell all of your friends to stay inside on the 4th of July!