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Happy Holidays Everyone! CJ and Rex here. We’re super excited because the holidays have arrived. That means yummy food from the dinner table! My family isn’t celebrating until later on this week, but Rex’s parents had a huge party this past weekend. Say Rex, did you luck out? Did anyone pass you some yummy food off their plates?
“Woof, woof yeah, I feel something terrible.” Rex, what do you mean? “Well, woof woof, these little kids kept feeding me food off their plates. I was in heaven, then my mom started to yell at me and the kids. She said I’d get sick, woof woof – I didn’t listen, neither did those kids. I kept eating – I had turkey, pie, and ice cream. I spent all of yesterday in the back yard, doing you know what…”
Oh Rex, that’s awful! As we both know, I’m very well behaved and courteous, so I’ve never eaten too much over the holidays, just a handful of turkey and ham, here and there. I didn’t realize that human food could make us so sick. “Yup, woof woof, it’s awful, woof, woof. Next year I’m staying away from those kids and sticking to my dog food.” Good idea Rex, I’ll pass your experience along to my friends. The holidays are a time to have fun, not be in the back yard getting sick!