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Hi All! CJ and Rex here! We’ve been settling into fall nicely and LOVE the newest addition to the Bulverde Animal Hospital family, Dr. Bunting. Hey Rex, have you visited Dr. Bunting lately? “Yeah, woof woof, I like her. She gives me yummy treats.” Well, (CJ shakes his head) you sure do love those treats.

So Rex, I had a great experience the other day! Sometimes it can be real hard for my human to make an appointment for me to see one of the vets because she doesn’t get home from work until 7:00 pm, so usually she has to leave work early to bring me – that makes her super stressed and cranky! Well, let you tell me you, Rex – my human was in the greatest mood when she took me to Bulverde Animal Hospital the other day. It turns out they extended their hours to 9:00 pm Monday – Friday! That means my human had time to get home from work, have a quick dinner and bring me for my annual check-up at 8:00 pm. It was great – everyone was relaxed and not rushed.

Rex, are you listening to me? “Woof, woof yup – I heard something about your human having dinner. I love food!” Oh Rex, well just be sure to spread the word about the new hours. It will make all of our lives MUCH easier!