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Hi Everyone, CJ and Rex here! We’re very excited because spring is almost here! Right Rex? “Yeah, woof woof! I like the sunshine and flowers and warm weather… and treats!” Treats? Rex, what does spring have to do with treats? “I dunno, I just like ‘em.” Alright well, the reason we’re here today is to talk to our friends about heartworm. It’s a scary thing and with spring right around the corner we want to make sure all of our friends are aware of how heartworm disease can be prevented. “Woof yeah we do! Better safe than sorry!” That’s right Rex!

I’m not sure how many of you know this, but the bite of an infected mosquito can cause heartworm. Since it’s impossible to tell which of the millions of mosquitos in TX carry the disease, prevention is the best option! “Woof, how do you prevent it? Woof” Good question, Rex! I’ll give you a treat for that later! It’s pretty easily prevented with proper medications. A lot of vets recommend being on the medication year round, then you’re always protected!

Rex, you and I are on heartworm prevention medication, so we’re all set, BUT not all of our friends are. I really think it’s our community duty to go around and remind all of our friends to have their mom and dad bring them to Dr. Kothmann at Bulverde Animal Hospital. He will put them on the right medication and make sure they’re getting the protection they need. Sounds like a good idea, woof woof! May I have my treat now?” Fine, Rex – all you think about is food! “Well, I’m protected from heartworm, so I don’t need to think about that.” Fair enough, Rex fair enough.