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Hi y’all! CJ here, and I’ve got my good pal, Rex, with me! This month we want to talk to you about fleas and ticks.  We’re excited spring is right around the corner because we love spending time outside. The only thing that annoys us about the warm weather is all of the bugs!!
Rex: Woof woof, yuck! I hate bugs, especially when they get in my food bowl!
CJ: Oh Rex, you’re always talking about food.  
Rex: Woof woof yeah, it’s my favorite. 
CJ: Well, Rex last year I got ticks AND fleas. It was terrible. I was itchy all of the time. Plus, ticks scare me. They carry a lot of diseases.
Rex: I didn’t have any fleas or ticks last year. Woof woof!
CJ: WHAT! How did you manage not to have any ticks or fleas last year!? 
Rex: Simple! My mom brought me over to see Dr. Kothmann at Bulverde Animal Hospital. He put me on medicine. Woof woof! Ticks and fleas hate medicine, so they stayed away from me all spring and summer.
CJ: Oh wow – that’s good to know. We need to have your mom tell my mom this can be prevented. Before the warm weather hits, I’ll head on over to Bulverde Animal Hospital for some preventative medication.