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Awoooo-welcome to the latest discussion blog from CJ and Rex! I’m your canine host with the canine most, CJ! Today, my pal, Rex, and I will discuss the basic rules of pet wellness. We all know that it takes a lot of work to keep a pet happy and healthy, so we wanted to share some guidelines about how you can do your best as a pet parent!

CJ: Thanks for stopping by again, Rex! I know your schedule has been booked since you’ve started taking night classes. Woof, woof!

Rex: Woof – of course, CJ! Even though my main goal is to get my bachelor’s degree in Paw-litical Science, I always have time to talk shop with you!

CJ: And our readers thank you for it! So, for this discussion, we’ll be laying down some of the rules of pet wellness, and we’ll chime in on each one to talk about how owners can do their best. Let’s begin…

Make Sure Your Pet is Getting Plenty of Exercise

Rex: This an important one, as physical fitness is very important to remain healthy.

CJ: Very true, Rex – regular exercise keeps pets like us in good shape, helps us maintain our focus, and it keeps us in a good mood! So, pet parents, make sure you’re fitting time in your day to take your pet on a walk or play some active games such as fetch.

Rex: Woof, woof – fetch is my favorite! I’ve finally trained my human to perfect their throwing technique; they make me so proud!

Feed Your Pet a Nutritious Diet

CJ: This is a good rule to pair with regular exercise! Wellness works best when you pair what you put out with what you put in.

Rex: Exactly, CJ! Pets need a balanced and healthy diet to stay at the top of their game. Make sure you research the food your buying for your pets and that they include appropriate levels of nutrients.

CJ: It’s also important to make sure that your pet is eating regularly! If they don’t seem to like what you’re giving them, try mixing in new food or some healthy human food options such as chicken, broccoli, carrots, and eggs. And, so we don’t choke, it’s important that our humans cut everything into bite-size pieces!

Rex: And, never feed your dog candy, chocolate, nuts, bacon, or raw meat/fish. Woof!

Stay Up to Date with Trips to the Vet

Rex: This is a very crucial wellness rule to stay on top of as an owner! But don’t worry, Bulverde Animal Hospital has your pet covered.

CJ: Agreed! Annual exams with your trusted veterinarian are an essential way to monitor your pet’s health. Veterinarians administer vaccinations, diagnose any issues, and give recommendations on how to keep your pet healthy!

Keep Your Pets Clean

Rex: I think you should listen to this one, CJ…

CJ: Woof, woof – hey! I just took a bath!

Rex: Just pullin’ your tail! General hygiene is very important to wellness, however. Just like humans, pets feel much better when they’re clean!

CJ: While hygiene includes regular baths, it also touches on dental health, up-to-date flea medications, keeping nails trimmed, and grooming.

While there’s plenty of other ways to go about keeping your pet happy and healthy, the two of us feel that the above are some of the best. Please reach out to Bulverde Animal Hospital if you have any questions about your pet’s health!