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Hi there, CJ here, and I’ve got my pal Rex with me! You might remember us from last month. We were telling you about flea bites and how awful they are. Hey Rex, remember last month I told you to have your mom bring you to see Dr. Kothmann for flea medicine? Did she ever do that? “Yup! I’ve been feeling A- Okay for a few weeks!” said Rex. Wait, what medicine did Dr. Kothmann give you? I’m surprised you’re feeling better so fast! Rex said, “Ummmm I don’t know, it begins with an A, but it’s a big word, so I have trouble saying it (Rex’s face turns bright red).” It’s okay Rex, I’ve got my handy dandy i-Pad with me today, I “borrowed” it from my human brother, shhhh! Let’s do some research and see what we find.

Rex, what’s so good about this medicine? Does it do things other medicines don’t? That will help me find it. “Well, my mom only has to give it to me once a month, big relief, woof! It also dries really quickly, so I can start playing as soon as my mom puts it on me. It doesn’t smell, so I don’t sneeze from it, and it’s waterproof, so I’m still allowed to play in the creek, woof woof!”said Rex. “Oh and one other thing, it works super-fast! I haven’t been itchy in weeks! said Rex. Wait, that’s enough, I found it! It’s a medicine called activyl. It seems like the perfect flea fighting medicine.

Well, Rex I learned a lot today! I’m going to tell all of my furry friends to visit Dr. Kothmann for activyl. He’s the best and activyl will get rid of those nasty fleas in no time!