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Woohoo summer is FINALLY here! Hi y’all, CJ here and I’ve got my good pal Rex with me. We hope your summer is starting off on the right foot – ours sure is! We love the warm weather and being able to spend more time outdoors. Actually, the only thing we can’t stand about summer are these itchy itsy bitsy little creatures that live on us (can’t they find a motel??) – you know them, fleas and ticks! Humans hate them, but imagine being a dog and being covered in them all of the time, plain awful!

Hey Rex, remember earlier this month you had fleas and ticks something awful? “Woof, yeah, I was so itchy I couldn’t even play – woof woof.” Oh man, Rex, I’m sorry to hear that. How are you feeling now? “I feel super – woof woof! My mom took me to see Dr. Kothmann, and he put me on a new medicine called Bravecto.” Oh wow, that’s great Rex! I’m afraid to ask though, how often does your mom give it to you. “Once every 12 weeks – woof woof – and it’s yummy! I just chew a tasty treat and the tiny little bugs check out of my fur– woof woof!” That’s great to hear, Rex! I’ve heard it kills fleas within a few hours and ticks within a day – sounds like a miracle worker to me! “Yup, it’s the bees’ knees – woof woof!”

Well, Rex usually I do most of the talking, but today YOU taught me something! I’m going to make sure all of my friends visit Dr. Kothmann for Bravecto, then we can all enjoy our summers!