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Well, it’s that time of year again – it’s HOT outside! This time of year I love hanging out in the air conditioned living room where it’s cool and comfortable! Howdy all, it’s CJ and I’m hanging out with my friend Rex thinking about how lucky we are to be spending time in a nice, cool house. How about it, Rex? “Woof, I like being outside…. woof woof!” You like being outside in the heat, Rex? “Yup, I can watch the birds and chase the squirrels. It’s boring inside. Woof!” Fair enough! I just don’t know how you do it – it’s unbelievably hot out there.  This is probably a good subject for all of our friends to hear about, listen up guys!

“It’s really hot woof woof, but my mom makes sure I stay nice and safe in the shade!” How does she do that, Rex? “I hang out under the trees in the backyard – perfect for bird watching, woof!” Oh that’s smart, Rex. “Yup, my mom also got me a cool dog house –it’s big and shaded. She keeps fresh treats and cool water in there for me.” Wow, Rex you’re one lucky dog! “Yup, I am woof woof!” Let’s hope everyone’s parents take such good care of them on the hot days of summer!

Friends, keep in mind, if you ever get too much sun and you feel sick, make sure your mom or dad brings you to Bulverde Animal Hospital in Bulverde TX! “Good thinking, CJ! Woof, woof! Now it’s time for a snack in the shade.”