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Hi All! CJ here with my pal, Rex. This month we want to talk to you about how unseasonably hot it is outside! We’re used to hot weather here in Texas, but normally it doesn’t get this hot until August. Recently the temperature has hit 100 degrees during the day!
Rex: It’s hit 100 degrees? That’s HOT! My mom has been putting extra water out for me. It keeps me nice and cool. She also makes sure I don’t stay outside for too long. Woof woof! Especially when the sun is out!
CJ: Your mom is a smart lady, Rex. Did you know heat stroke is a big concern for pets that are outside all day?
Rex: What’s heat stroke?
CJ: Good question, Rex! Heat stroke is when your body temperature gets really high. Signs of heat stroke are confusion, agitation, and even coma!
Rex: Wow! That sounds serious, woof woof!
CJ: It is! In order to prevent heat stroke pets should stay indoors, preferably in an air conditioned home (well at least that’s my preference!), and drink plenty of water.
Rex: Good to know, woof woof! I’m thirsty just thinking about it!
CJ: Keep this in mind and be sure to tell all of your friends, if you ever get too hot and you feel sick, make sure your mom or dad brings you to Bulverde Animal Hospital in Bulverde TX!
Rex: Good thinking, CJ! Woof, woof! Now it’s time for a cool drink of water and a nap in my cool house!
CJ: Sounds good to me, Rex! Enjoy!