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Hello to our fellow furry friends, and to the humans that love us! CJ and Rex here; again, we’re ready to share some informative content to help you better understand your pets. We realize that we often tend to write about what we know, which is primarily dog health and behavior. We’d write about the… Read more »

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Hello readers – woof! CJ here, back again to talk about the hot topics related to caring for your doggo. As always, I’m joined by my trusty sidekick, Rex, and we’re here to discuss something that every dog can relate to, a fear of thunderstorms. We know you can’t see us, but we’re very nervous… Read more »

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Awoooo-welcome to the latest discussion blog from CJ and Rex! I’m your canine host with the canine most, CJ! Today, my pal, Rex, and I will discuss the basic rules of pet wellness. We all know that it takes a lot of work to keep a pet happy and healthy, so we wanted to share… Read more »

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Woof, woof, welcome to another riveting discussion with CJ and Rex! Today, we will be ruff-flecting on a disease that affects dogs across the country. Leptospirosis, Lepto for short, is a disease that can be easily spread between dogs – and eventually to people as well! My friend and I will break down the details… Read more »

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During the dog days of summer, a common threat to animal safety is from overheating and dehydration since the weather causes health risk. There’s another threat to dog safety, however, and it may not be one that you would expect. CJ here, joined by my friend Rex! Today we’re talking about a shocking threat to… Read more »