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Are you all having a ruff day? Don’t worry – its CJ here, with Rex and our feline pal, Whiskers; we’re here to make it better! While we three may be close friends, we know that other cats and dogs are the reason why humans have the expression, “fighting like cats and dogs.” Though we may compete for food scraps, leftovers and attention, we also can live in perfect harmony. Right, Rex?
Rex: Exactly, CJ – woof! It all starts with humans understanding where our personality differences lie and how we essentially speak two different languages.
CJ: Couldn’t have said it better myself – woof, woof! I mean, come on, what does “meow” mean anyway?
Whiskers: *eye roll* I think Rex was referring to our body language differences, CJ. For example, you two love to run around and wag your tails where I run away when I’m scared and only wag my tail when I’m feeling a tad aggressive. Meow.
Rex: Ah, that helps explain your reaction to me playing with your yarn ball the other day.
CJ: Woof! Even I know, as close as we all are, you don’t touch Whiskers’ yarn ball. Anyway, it’s obvious that cat and dog communication styles are complicated. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t train and teach your cats and dogs to understand each other and get along better.
Whiskers: It starts with territory! Us cats, we need our protected space – a territory that is just ours. Make sure this space has tall surfaces as us felines are pawfectly natural climbers.
Rex: And while your cat is romping around, make sure your dog has had lots of stimulation! If we’re able to run around or play with toys then we will be less likely to chase things (or cats!) in the house.
CJ: Let’s not furget to mention that this process takes time! While it starts with a first impression, it needs to be a process that gradually takes place overtime. Schedule your cat-dog meetings during mealtime, because who doesn’t love food, but keep your dog on a leash and both animals on opposite sides of a closed door.
Whiskers: Then, once you, the human, feel comfortable, you can continue feeding them separately, but on either side of a gate or screen, before finally removing the barrier all together.
Rex: Let’s be honest though, sometimes, cats and dogs are just not going to be friends. We come from different descendants and all have different backgrounds. However, that doesn’t mean you should listen to the stereotypes and not at least try to have us cohabit!
CJ: Well said Rex! Jeez – this talk has me grateful that I have you two as my best friends furever.
Whiskers: Purrr – you’re too sweet! Now come on CJ and Rex, I believe I have a yarn ball that’s calling all our names.
CJ and Rex: Bark, Bark, let’s get to it!
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