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Hi y’all! CJ here, and as always, I have my buddy Rex with me. “Woof woof – hi! I’m hungry. Do you have any treats?” Oh Rex, no I don’t – if you want we will swing by Bulverde Animal Hospital later to see if they have any dog treats for you. “Woof, woof sounds good!”

Alright, now that we have treat talk out of the way, let’s get into why we’re really here today – it’s warm out! Usually at this time of year I’d be sitting inside by the fireplace, maybe catching a mouse or two in the basement, but not this year! The other day it was 70 degrees outside! It was so warm I was chasing mice in the fields next to my house. Rex, have you noticed a difference? “Yup, it’s warm – I like it. Woof woof! The warmness is making me itchy, I don’t like that.” Itchy? Rex, do you think you might have fleas? It’s definitely warm enough outside for them to be making an appearance! “Uh oh, yikes! I think I do, woof woof!” Oh Rex, it’s okay, just have your mom bring you over to Bulverde Animal Hospital. They will have you feeling like new again in a few days! “Woof woof, okay. Do you think it will be cold this summer?” Well, Rex at the pace things are going right now I don’t know what to expect!