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When pet surgery is necessary, trust the capabilities of Dr. Kothmann and our Veterinary Clinic. You can feel confident that your dog or cat is in good hands; whether it's for the suturing of a simple laceration or something as complicated as tumor removal, he has the experience you need. Bulverde Animal Hospital has extensive experience and advanced training in pet surgery serving Country Hills, TX and the surrounding area.

At Bulverde Animal Hospital, the safest gas anesthesia available is used on your dog or cat. Sevoflurane has been used in human medicine (especially pediatrics) since 1995. Sevoflurane enters and exits the body very rapidly. This gives us good control during the surgical procedure, assuring a high degree of safety for your pet. When the surgery is complete at our veterinary clinic, your pet will begin waking up within minutes after the procedure.

In addition to offering a safe anesthesia protocol, our animal hospital offers but does not require, pre-surgical blood screens to determine the health of your pet before undergoing a surgical procedure. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THESE TESTS AS THEY PROVIDE US WITH VITAL INFORMATION PRIOR TO YOUR PET'S SURGERY.

While under anesthesia, surgical monitoring is offered, but not required, using state-of-the-art equipment that measures heart rate, body temperature, and respiratory rate. Once your pet enters surgery recovery, pain management becomes the top priority for handling your pet's post-surgery care.

Whether you live in Country Hills, Northern San Antonio, Stone Oak TX, or beyond, you can trust the experts at Bulverde Animal Hospital when it comes to pet surgery or veterinary clinic needs.

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